Twin Cities Traditional 
Wing Chun

Twin Cities Traditional Wing Chun 

Class Times

Thursdays 6:30pm-7:30pm

Uptown Minneapolis

711 W Lake St #304

Free Parking on Aldrich Ave

Instructor: Howard Hollischer

Phone: 612-275-6067


According to legend, Buddhist nun Ng Mui devised this economical and highly effective system of self-defense. Made famous by Bruce Lee, having been mentored by grand master Ip Man, Wing Chun has become one of the most popular styles of Chinese Kung Fu world- wide. Emphasizing speed, maneuverability and short, direct yet powerful attacks rather than upper body strength, this system is excellent for people of all physical abilities

Our approach to training is “no frills” and economical. Following the Leung Sheung lineage of the art, emphasis is on simple, close range movements with consistent practice of and adherence to fundamental techniques. We focus on development of a strong foundation, or “root” as well as fine tactile sensitivity in arms and legs. Three principles are foremost in practicing Wing Chun: timing, sensitivity and position. At first glance these techniques are deceptively simple, yet require much patience and perseverance in order for one to become adept.