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Griffin Martial Arts & KardioArts KickBoxing CARDIO KICKBOXING FOR FUN & FITNESS WITH ENERGIZING MUSIC FOR BEGINNERS What makes "Cardio-Karate" so much fun is taking self-defense techniques like jabbing, kicking, punching and blocking and adding high-energy music plus excitement to a unique aerobics program. Say good-bye to boring workouts and gain valuable skills while quickly getting in shape. The Family that KICKS together sticks Together !!! Traditional Tae-Kwon-Do taught in a fun and exciting way that makes learning easy and enjoyable for students of ages 2 and up. GrandMaster Keith Griffin 8th Degree Black Belt with over 35 years experience, National Sport Karate Tournament Champion & President of Griffin Martial Arts will Provide you the best in martial arts and fitness kickboxing to reach your goals.

Phone: 612-807-5758

Ready for some heat? Sign up for dance lessons with Baila con Pasión Latin Dance Company!

Classes with Master Trainer Cassandra de Mercedes happen at Studio For Hire - Uptown Minneapolis. 
Call (703) 402-3645 and visit for more info!

PilatesBODY Barre Classes by Erin (Mankato)

Pilates Barre classes at "Studio E" on Mondays & Wednesdays at noon in Mankato, MN! 

All levels are welcome in every one of Erin’s classes. Whether you are new to working out or new to barre, each series of exercises can be performed by the beginner, intermediate or elite. Keeping in mind all of Joseph Pilates original principles of breath and technique for every class. Visit Studio E Online for more info on classes and Studio E founder Erin!


TJB Productions Inc. (Minneapolis)

A Talent Development and Entertainment Organization

TJB Productions was established in 2009 with a mission to seek out talented individuals who want to develop their skills through education and performance.  

We are not an agency but an organization founded on the premise that everyone has a talent. We are always on the lookout for those gifted in fashion, modeling, music, performing arts, spoken word, art, graphic arts, photography, and videography. If you’re within the ages of 18 to 50, come and join our organization! 

We want to see you succeed! 

We come from diverse backgrounds and have experience in various fields. Let us help you bring your talent to life!

Phone: 612-205-5103


Frestyl Fitness Pole & Movement Lessons offers pole fitness and movement classes at several locations in Minnesota, including Studio For Hire Minneapolis, Studio For Hire Mankato, Fitness Evolution in Rochester and Faribault County Fitness Center in Blue Earth, MN.

Frestyl specializes in movement for the body you have right now, today. Take yourself pole dancing at Frestyl -- you'll be amazed at what your body can do!

Learn what pole fitness students have to say here.

For more information about Frestyl Fitness' offerings, visit


MOVE your body to simple, choreographed moves. Own your stage and SWEAT with an empowering and interactive group SING along.

Studio For Hire - Uptown Minneapolis
For more information visit

Omalu Capoeria

Martial Arts Classes with Instructor Jon Sigelman


yoga Minneapolis Capoeira
Fitness classes in Mankato, MN and Minneapolis, MN

Insanity LIVE! with Melissa Mans

Studio For Hire Mankato

110 W Dukes St

Mankato, MN 56001

Contact Melissa
(507) 327-7710


Motivating Yoga with Angela McRoy

Angela McRoy is available for group and one-on-one yoga instruction.

Phone: 612-382-9150


Web address:

Keep an eye out for class times or contact Angela for more information!


Power Yoga & Glow Yoga w/Jen

This yoga class will rock your socks off! $10 at the door for an uplifting, energizing, really, really amazing yoga class. 

Contact Jen for info on classes in the Twin Cities metro area.

Studio For Hire Mankato 
110 W Dukes St
Mankato, MN 56001
Yoga classes in Minneapolis, MN and Mankato, MN


yoga martial arts Minneapolis


Studio For Hire - Uptown Minneapolis

Class Times

Thursdays 6:30pm-7:30pm


Minneapolis, MN 55408
yoga martial arts Minneapolis

According to legend, Buddhist nun Ng Mui devised this economical and highly effective system of self-defense. Made famous by Bruce Lee, having been mentored by grand master Ip Man, Wing Chun has become one of the most popular styles of Chinese Kung Fu world- wide. Emphasizing speed, maneuverability and short, direct yet powerful attacks rather than upper body strength, this system is excellent for people of all physical abilities

Our approach to training is “no frills” and economical. Following the Leung Sheung lineage of the art, emphasis is on simple, close range movements with consistent practice of and adherence to fundamental techniques. We focus on development of a strong foundation, or “root” as well as fine tactile sensitivity in arms and legs. Three principles are foremost in practicing Wing Chun: timing, sensitivity and position. At first glance these techniques are deceptively simple, yet require much patience and perseverance in order for one to become adept.


Sachiko Nishiuchi "La Chaya"

Sachiko Nishiuchi teaches Flamenco dance, including Fundamental for Beginners, Intermediate Technique, and hosts guest flamenco instructors at Studio For Hire in Uptown Minneapolis.

For more information about Sachiko and her Flamenco dance classes, visit

or find her page on Facebook

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