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SAS Class: SING and SWEAT 

45-minute class. MOVE your body to simple, choreographed moves. Own your stage and SWEAT with an empowering and interactive group SING along.

March 18, 25
April 15, 22 and 29

Studio For Hire
711 W Lake St #304
Minneapolis, MN 55408

For more information visit www.sherocksherock.org/sas-class

Insanity LIVE! with Melissa Mans

Studio For Hire Mankato

110 W Dukes St

Mankato, MN 56001

Tuesdays @ 4:15pm (50 minutes)

Saturdays @ 8:00am (50 minutes)

Drop in: $7 

10 Class Punch Card: $60

Contact Melissa

[email protected]
(507) 327-7710

Omalu Capoeria

Martial Arts Classes with Instructor Jon Sigelman


Motivating Yoga with Angela McRoy

Angela McRoy is available for group and one-on-one yoga instruction.

Phone: 612-382-9150

Email: [email protected]

Web address: yogafitness.offeringtree.com

Keep an eye out for class times or contact Angela for more information!

Power Yoga & Glow Yoga w/Jen

This yoga class will rock your socks off! $10 at the door for an uplifting, energizing, really, really amazing yoga class. 
Contact Jen for info on classes in the Twin Cities metro area.
Every 3rd Thursday of the month (usually - keep you eye on our Facebook page events!)
Studio For Hire Mankato 
110 W Dukes St
Mankato, MN 56001

Frestyl Fitness: Lessons for Empowerment

Frestyl Fitness Pole Fitness & Dance offers pole and movement classes at Studio For Hire in Minneapolis and Mankato MN. Studio For Hire is also home to pole instructors & competitors needing private training time to prepare for classes as well as regional, national, and international competitions.

For more information about Frestyl Fitness' offerings, visit their website at www.PoleDanceMinnesota.com


711 W Lake St #304

Free Parking on Aldrich Ave

Class Times

Thursdays 6:30pm-7:30pm


711 W Lake St #304, Minneapolis, MN 55408

According to legend, Buddhist nun Ng Mui devised this economical and highly effective system of self-defense. Made famous by Bruce Lee, having been mentored by grand master Ip Man, Wing Chun has become one of the most popular styles of Chinese Kung Fu world- wide. Emphasizing speed, maneuverability and short, direct yet powerful attacks rather than upper body strength, this system is excellent for people of all physical abilities

Our approach to training is “no frills” and economical. Following the Leung Sheung lineage of the art, emphasis is on simple, close range movements with consistent practice of and adherence to fundamental techniques. We focus on development of a strong foundation, or “root” as well as fine tactile sensitivity in arms and legs. Three principles are foremost in practicing Wing Chun: timing, sensitivity and position. At first glance these techniques are deceptively simple, yet require much patience and perseverance in order for one to become adept.

Sachiko Nishiuchi "La Chaya"

Studio For Hire Guest Sachiko Nishiuchi Flamenco Dancer and Instructor

Sachiko Nishiuchi teaches Flamenco dance, including Fundamental for Beginners, Intermediate Technique, and hosts guest flamenco instructors at Studio For Hire in Uptown Minneapolis.

For more information about Sachiko and her Flamenco dance classes, visit www.sachikolachayi.com

or find her page on Facebook